Zozo - An Encounter with the Ouija Demon

Me and my best friend Alex moved into a house together with my parents. We were both the same age at the time but Alex was turning 16 before me. Well on October 30 Alex went out and bought a Ouija board. At first I told him no because I have heard many stories about Ouija boards. He told me that all the stories I've heard were just people trying to scare other people. Well I had a huge crush on him so I said sure. Today I really regret this decision.

As we started to play nothing happened. So randomly Alex called on a spirit named Zozo. At this point I was laughing at him. Then suddenly the planchette jerked toward the "yes" sign. I thought it was Alex but he was staring at the board with a "WTF?" expression on his face. I asked the "spirit" if he was there. As I did Alex jerked his hand away and said, "It wasn't me so you try." I tried and the planchette said I-l-o-v-e-r-a-c-h-e-l (that is my name). I was so scared I told Alex I was done.

While I was watching a movie Alex began to play with the board. Nothing was happening so me and Alex pulled out a blow up mattress and were going to sleep on it (we both just moved in and my parents were at the old house). We were half way asleep when something flew across the room and hit me in the head with tremendous force. As I screamed I saw the planchette laying on my lap pointing towards Alex.

This was my very first encounter with Zozo. I am now 17 and Alex is my boyfriend I will tell you other stories later.

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