Will, The Ouija Demon At Our House

It was late at night, I had just moved into the house and I had heard whispers. I turned around it stopped and it had been two years since that happened. After those two years then everyone had been waking up at night and then screaming that was my baby brother being pinned to the ground. I couldn't get whatever it was off him. When I finally got whatever it was off him it disapeared into mid air. I also realized we had opened a place in the house that had a red circle and a star in it.

Then I got Ouija board (a board used to communicate with spirits) and I asked it it's name and it spelled W-I-L-L. I asked it when it was born, it spelled N-E-V-E-R then the board started moving in circles. I asked it if I had seen it, it spelled Y-E-S. I asked it where? It spelled O-N Y-O-U-R B-A-B-Y B-R-O-T-H-E-R.

Then we preformed a ritual, an old Native American one and sprinkled salt around the house and it was gone but not for long. I stepped out of my room at night and there was WILL again. I ran to my baby brothers room and took him downstairs. My parents started the car and made me and my baby brothers go in and we drove away.

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