The Ouija Ghost

About 4 years ago me and me friend Jessica got bored and decided to go to toys r us and look for a game while there we came across a Ouija board and decided to get it and see how "fake" it was. We asked it the typical questions on our future she asked if her and her boyfriend were going to break up it said yes on November 17 then she asked who she was going to marry it said Cody and it said she was going to have a boy by him well I figured she was just pulling my leg so I told her to stop moving it and she got mad and let go well it started moving on its own and it spelled get out. freaked out I threw the board out the room and it slammed the door then the room got foggy and I screamed go away and it just quickly dissipated. Since then Jessica's boy friend dumped her on that date a guy Cody she met purposed and they have there first son named Tristan! So I am a firm believer now and will never play with one again.

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