The Ouija Board Waits For It's Next Victim

When I was 10 years old (a year ago) My mom bought a Ouija board for me. She bought one because I was so into the paranormal that I needed a Ouija board. The same day my cousin from Tennessee came to visit. That night she and I began playing it.

We sat there and first I said is there a spirit here today and it moved to yes. She said what gender and it said girl. I asked it how old and it moved to 6 or 7. Then we asked her name and it said Amanda. I asked how it died and it moved to fire. But then we asked why she was here and she didn't reply, she instead moved to goodbye.

Then my Aunt and mom started playing with it a few nights later. It wasn't a little girl. when they asked questions it said very rude and disturbing things. It was a demonic presence that was not the little girl my cousin and I were speaking to before.

The Ouija board had brought in a demonic presence that didn't enjoy talking to us. But then they stopped talking to the presence because it was so terrifying that they had to stop. I haven't played the Ouija board since then. To this day I still have it. As I type this it sits in my room waiting for its next victim.

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