Strange Ouija Board Experience in College

I am fascinated with paranormal and I like to read other stories about strange, unexplained encounters. I often think about how I would react if something very peculiar happened to me like others describe, but I have never had anything truly unnerving happen to me other than forces of the mind.

When in college once I had some friends over and we were playing with the Ouija board. I decided to let some others "play" with it so I went over and sat on the couch. While my friends were on the board they mentioned that it was getting late and that they should probably need to be getting home soon. With the freaky vibe in the room that was created with the board, they asked it if I was going to be ok home alone after they left. I don't remember what it said but when they asked if anyone will be coming by to check on me, from the couch, I concentrated really hard on a guys name that I had a little crush on, that no one else was aware of. I was shocked when they reveled the name coming through on the board... Jay, the exact name that I was trying to "will" the board to say.

Other things like knowing that someone was present before seeing them and walking towards them without even really knowing what I was doing, until I saw them and thought how in the world did I know they were here... anyway, keep the stories coming, I enjoy reading much more intriguing experiences than what I can share.

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