Stay Away from Ouija Boards!

Ok when I was about 30 years old my mom had recently got divorced and me being really foolish I decided to go to the local mall in Tacoma, Washington and get a Ouija board from a store that I am sure everyone has heard of before; Spencer gifts! Getting a Ouija board from anywhere is bad enough but Spencer gifts is very creepy indeed! That place even smelled strange and evil.

Anyway I got this glow in the dark one and did something even more dumb still I had too much to drink and even though I asked the board a harmless question I thought anyway! I only spent at most 15 minutes with it and then got scared and threw it into the trash!

A few years later a nurse bought the house from my mom and not too long after, my mom's brother remodels the house and he and his partner, (he also had some Mexicans work for him), and my uncle's workers started to say to uncle Ken that they would not ever work alone! They said that they heard voices in the house! Even my uncle said one day he thought he heard his partner drive in loud and clear but nobody was there out in front of the yard!

The nurse that bought the house started to ask my uncle if this place was haunted? She heard very loud, I guess what sounded like, furniture moving around upstairs when she clearly had No furniture at all! Sometimes when she left for work and she made sure she locked the doors in the house when she would come home the door was unlocked completely or open a little bit! Lights would go on and off all by themselves.

To make matters worse when my parents finally moved into their new home in 1995 I think my dad's mother's ashes where in an urn that had been in there for a long time. The urn was down in the garage for years. I know this sounds really bad and it is bad when I think about it but to sum it all up don't ever mess with a Ouija board ever! Trust me it's not worth the danger and also don't keep one of your grandmother's ashes for very long as in spread the ashes in the sea or whatever the deceased person wanted.

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