Ouija Board Possession

My family is somewhat cultural, my mother and father have a few differences in the witch board and witch craft, but one thing my mother never wanted us to touch was the Ouija Board. My father wanted us to try it out once, just to prove to us that it actually works, and it does; well sort of.

My parents split up, so me and my sister can do a few more things that we couldn't do before when rules were rules. My father bought me and my sister a Ouija board from the store, and we didn't actually try it out at once, we were kinda worried and excited, wondering what questions to ask. My father went out of town and my cousin whom we had grown up with since we were kids, wanted to try it out.

My sister and my cousin went to the kitchen and turned off the lights. Me and my boyfriend were sitting in the living room. The kitchen went silent, and it started to move. Like usual, they started to freak out. I think my cousin started to cry a bit, but after they played it, they were hooked. We played it in the living room for two hours asking it questions like, "how many kids would we have?" and " will we get married?" girlie questions.

A few weeks later and my sister is still playing the board asking it for a lot of things like, "who are you" and " what's my first kids name?" She asked what her first boyfriend's name was, and there was an older guy that we just started to hang around with; friends with my cousin, a little time goes by and her relation starts to grow with this guy. She asked if she would be going out with this guy (his name is Troy) anytime soon, and the board spelled, out MAY 1 2009. My sister was on cloud 9, but was curious, if it were actually gonna happen, so she went to the library, on May 1 09, and met Troy there, very surprising, he took her out and other stuff for that afternoon. She came home at 5 or 6 blushing. She later told me that she was going out with him, like that Ouija board said she would.

This is where it gets freaky. My sister claimed to be possessed or something. We were happy on how our game worked so I took it to my friends house, and we played it in her kitchen. I asked it if it could show us if the spirit or something was there or not, and the board replied YES. About five minutes later my sister went all twitchy, her head leaned back slightly and she started to laugh at nothing. Me and my buddy were just confused, and she hit her head on the table lightly and she went back to normal, only she said that she left like floating but only she felt like she was going to faint but was OK. We didn't know what was going on so we just quit playing.

Now crows are attacking her whenever she goes out on her own. We have no clue that it might be the board or if it's something else. But the bottom line is that the board can be somewhat true, but I still need a lot of convincing.

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