Ouija Board Party

It was a party, at my friends Lizzie's house. We were all dancing to music, and then Lizzie announces, okay, now you can still dance and eat, but if you would like, you can join me, Mercedes, Aubry, and Lydia in the room down the hall to play the Ouija board. But, you have to be quiet, and you have the choice in or out. We need to focus.

Lizzie, Mercedes, Aubry, and I went in the room. We grabbed the Ouija board and waited for people to join. Hunter came in. We decided that Lizzie and I should be the talkers to the spirit, it was my first time using it. So, Lizzie let me do all the talking. She didn't give me warnings on what and what not to say, so I just talked. I was having fun, then started talking to the 'man' I had forgotten the name now, but I do know it was a bad spirit.

Since it was my first time playing, I wasn't quite sure if I believed in it or not. I started yelling, forcing, and commanding the so called man to show that he was real, and not fake. The pointer kept going to no. Then I thought that my friends were moving it, so I thought, whatever. I kept commanding it to show it was there. Then, Lizzie started looking at Hunter, as if she saw a ghost.

Hunter started yelling, he is a very sporty- strong, not scared of things type of person. It was the first time I saw him scream. He sat up (he was laying on his stomach on the floor) kept screaming, then suddenly left and slammed the door shut. we came running out, asking him why he was screaming?! he said, somebody was pulling my leg, and pulling hard and tight, it hurt, and it almost pinched me. We then knew that he was being serious. He would never lie to something like that.

Everyone decided to stop playing after the whole 'hunter' scenario. I still wanted to play because I was curious, this was the first day I played it. I went in the room, alone, nothing happened. But, noises from the closet after asking for signs, I left the room then haven't seen one since.

Be careful with Ouija boards! Asking to show, will and can easily open a door for a spirit to come and harm you. It can be short, or the spirit can follow you. This is not a joke. No joke. Be careful!

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