Ouija Board Connection

In 2001 we lost two basketball players from our high school by fatal car accident. My two best friends were very close to the one, and I shared saxophone music with the other.

A few years after the accident I decided to get a Ouija board and have everyone over. We had never used one before but knew how it worked. I'm not sure who brought up the two boys but we started asking it questions only we would know. Their jersey numbers, nick names, and full names were all answered correctly. In between correct answers the marker would circle the board rapidly and eventually fly off.

It came down to one in particular question. My friend Jake took his hands off the marker and I said, "No one in this room knows this but me, so I'm taking my hands off to see if this is for real." He then asked,"Who does Brandon consider to be his best friend?" Immediately the board spelled out the correct answer. Almost simultaneously my eyes started to water uncontrollably, I wasn't scared or crying. I look to my left and right and both Jakes and his brothers eyes started watering also. I threw the board back into the box and on the way to take my girlfriend home I threw it out the window by the highway. I don't think I'll ever touch a Ouija board again.

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