Ouija Board Birthday Present

Okay, well this happened when I was a little girl, I am now 16. When I was 5 I remember my uncle buying a Ouija board for my cousin for his 14th birthday and he said, here you go enjoy your birthday gift. My cousins and I were all like okay well sneak a peek.

I remembered that night we waited until the sun went down so we could play the game. My cousin, who was the birthday boy, opened it. We all knew what kinda game it was. You spell out what your saying or just say something and watch the triangle mirror move. We were messing around with it and we all had our laughs, it was fun. I remembered it clearly, we made fun of how this game was boring and that it was just a make a believe game, and so after we had our fun we blew the candles out and slept through the night.

I lived in a small house. We had two families living in one. I was the first one to wake up that next morning. I went to the living room and watched cartoons like I always did when I wake up. Suddenly I felt like this tingly feeling like something was there like I didn't even want to do be in the living room. In the living room there was this doll on our counter dressed like a witch. I never liked it but I thought that if I knocked it down I wouldn't be scared so I knocked it down and ran into my parents room.

When I came out the witch doll was where it was placed like it wasn't even touched. You probably don't believe this but I know what I saw. I didn't tell anyone until my dad told us when he arrived home from work he smelled eggs as if someone were cooking and as he went into the kitchen he saw an old lady cooking. Once that happened we moved out down the street. Ever since then we still feel as if someone is following us and when we pass my old house during Halloween there's always a new family moving in or out of the house. I guess that what happens when you play with an Ouija board.

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