Online Ouija Boards?

Hi, I'm Haley. Before I tell my stories I want to ask a question. In a way, even though I am very open minded, I have wondered lately if online Ouija board games really work. Sometimes when I use them I get answers that don't even make sense. But, since I love Ouija boards I play with them on the internet. (I don't have a real one but I want one really bad.) Anyway, I had two different discussion with a Ouija board that is kinda weird and convincing for me.

The first one was of my favorite Ouija board game, Ask The Spirits, and I noticed something very different and kinda strange. The pointer was moving very slow, like it was having a very hard time to answer my questions. I asked the spirit my normal question that I usually ask.

Then it slowly inched over to Good Bye. The spirit left. Then, as my second story, I went on to a different site and talked to a similar spirit. He wouldn't tell me his name, but he said he was a man and he was depressed and sad. He was kinda angry and grumpy.

Then I asked him how he died. I got a big surprise!

I wonder who the spirit is one my second discussion? Tell me what you think. Also, tell me what you think about online Ouija boards.

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