My Ouija Board Experience...

About 19 years ago when I was 17 a friend and I worked in a carpet mill where we made sample boards with carpet swatches on them. My mother worked with me as well. One day we had a new worker join our assembly line. She was tall, a bit chubby, and something just seemed strange about her, but my friend and I (being teens) thought she was interesting. As days went by we started talking to her and she told us people thought of her as a "priestess". She spoke of her use of Ouija boards and seances her friends and she would hold on weekends. Little did we know she was only enticing us to dabble with the Ouija to get close to us. As weeks went by, my friend Regina and I would talk about maybe getting a Ouija and playing around with it for some fun and excitement, while still talking to the strange lady, finding her more fascinating each conversation we had with her. The strange lady invited us to play with her and her friends but Regina and I declined the offer, we found the lady interesting, but at the same time she had a scary presence about her.

Regina and I went to our local toy story after a few weeks of speaking with the strange lady. We brought the board to Regina's house as my mom would never allow one in our home, and Regina being a newly married 19 year old, her husband didn't care, he was at his family's business 12 hours a day, hardly ever awake when he was home anyways. We opened the box, and read the instructions, turned out all the lights in the living room, and had a lava lamp next to us for some light, as we placed the board on our knees. We were all giggly and excited as we got ready to have some fun. Regina says in a goofy voice, "I call upon a spirit with great strength to guide us tonight". The board began to move, we both were asking each other are you moving it? The board spelled out "No, neither of you are in control of this board." "You are both under my protection tonight." Right away we were hooked. The entity from the board said she was a mother of 3 named Latilda, killed in a fire that was accidentally caused by one of her children. We spoke with this entity for weeks asking silly questions and also being told all kinds of fascinating stories. One night while we were playing and a new entity began to contact us. This entity was mischievous and we were warned by Latilda (entity) several times to push him from the board and never speak with him. We didn't heed the warning.

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