My Friend and the Ouija Board

I don't know if my friend would have wanted me to put this in, but I think it's important that people know what might happen.

When my friend was younger (I think she was eight or nine) she was asked to play with a Ouija board. Well, she thought they said Louigi board, as in Mario, so she said, "Yes".

They talked to a few spirits but she doesn't remember all of them... only two. The first one said he was called DAVE and when he was asked who he was looking for, he spelt out my friend's name.

The second one (she doesn't remember his/her name) came and they asked if it was good or evil... The pointer shot to evil and all of them took their hands off of the pointer.

You aren't supposed to do that as it leaves the door open.

One time they asked on of the spirits to show that they were really there... it blew out the candles.

Please, and I'm begging, do not use a Ouija board. I am really tempted to, even though I know of the consequences and I am a strong believer. I know that it is considered a game... BUT IT ISN'T! IF YOU USE ONE AND YOU HAVE AN EXPERIENCE, TELL SOMEONE (A PARENT, A TEACHER, YOUR LOCAL PRIEST... ANYONE!) Please don't. This isn't a scary story, but it just shows that these things really do work.

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