My First Time with a Ouija Board

Last night was the first night I messed with an Ouija board. It wasn't so bad.

My friend and I got the board out and set it up, we were on my living room floor, no candles or any of that. Also it wasn't a wooden Ouija board either. So, to move on with the story. We asked if there were any one here, it replied back with a yes, we then asked what is your name, the pointer moved to W-P-C-D-A just all kinds of letter, we were confused and then asked, is there more then 1 spirit with us and it said yes, we asked how many and it said 8.

I was a little freaked there were 8 spirits trying to communicate with us. So then we asked how old the youngest one was, it replied back saying 5. (awe) then we asked how old the oldest spirit was and it replied 40. Then we tried asking for the youngest spirits name and it just gave us the initials W.K and said goodbye to us.

We were confused and then asked if the other spirits were still here and they said yes. We asked once again for a name, they replied back with no and also said goodbye. So apparently they weren't much in the mood for talking. haha.

So reading all these stories about how its nothing but bad demons and negative energy stuff like that isn't always true. I had a nice spirit, there were no problems when we got finished last night. So my point is DONT ALWAYS BELIEVE THE OUIJA BOARD IS BAD! Take my word for it. we are playing the Ouija board again tonight.

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