Me and the Ouija Board

When I was 10 I had a Ouija board. My friends came over and we played with it. I was very patient with evil. So I brought 10 candles into the room and lit them. We asked numerous questions and it came out with a simple one word reply. I finally asked the big question. Are you an evil spirit? It gave an unusual answer, "Who wants to know?" I announced my name and it flew across the board. "Depends on who is asking." It quickly spelled out. I was not easily scared of supernatural. I started getting scared when it started asking questions. Then it asked what year it was. I said 2008 and the candles went out. My friend, Tori, started screaming downstairs. I ran down and the knife was in her hands. It was trying to cut her. A friend grabbed the Ouija board, she yelled at it to stop and the knife dropped. The Ouija board said "3000 years..." We destroyed the board and all the havoc stopped. When you have evil start up when you get a Ouija board, Get rid of it!

It seems as though the supernatural is attracted to me.

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