Evil Face On Wall During Ouija Board Session

I was working on an old house built in 1915 in Connecticut and staying there by myself. The owner, my fiancé, said weird things went on there. She wouldn't stay upstairs anymore after waking up unable to move late one night after hearing noises.

I heard footsteps upstairs at night and saw weird light in the far room downstairs at night. I thought maybe the house was settling and light shining from outside, even though there was no light source outside.

One night I was bored and decided to play Ouija online on my laptop computer. I had never done it before I don't know why I did it. During the session I felt I was being watched. I noticed what looked like the faint outlines of a face on the wall, but then it started coming in real clearly and definitely was a face with what looked like horns and a hand out to it's side holding a big knife with big dark piercing eyes! I freaked out and ran in the other room and got a bible left by the last tenant and started praying (I had not been to church in years). The face on the wall went away, but not before leaving a long scratch on a freshly painted wall.That is not the end of it.

That night two big trees fell together onto the property from the woods behind, crushing the fence like they were making a bridge onto the property. Something tried to get in from the basement that night and I noticed two long, what I first thought were drill marks but later determined to be claw marks, at the top of the basement stairs on the door frame coming into the kitchen.

Upstairs in one of the bedrooms above the porch some kind on writing had been smudged into the dirty window that was not there before I noticed the next day. The City came to remove the trees that fell from their property behind the house. The crew manager said in all his years with the City he had never seen two trees fall side by side like that together.

This house has always had a problem keeping tenants for long. I know 2 tenants did not stay there the last few months of their lease. Playing with the Ouija is no joke and is dangerous, especially alone and in a place like that. I never believed in any paranormal thing before this night.

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