Dangerous Ouija Board Spirits

It was days before Halloween the year was 1968, you could just feel the creepiness in the air. Being 11 years old, Halloween was still fun, if not more fun the year before because I was allowed to stay out a bit later without the watchful eye of my parents. Besides, back in those days we didn't have to worry too much about strangers and receiving razor blades in apples, basically we had the run of the neighborhood and knew everyone and looked forward to this time all year long.

That Halloween was the creepiest I had ever experienced with the black bat and the Ouija Board. I have never had any desire to play with another one since, and raising my own four children I would never allow them to play with such a dangerous tool letting something happen to them like it to did to us that Spooky Halloween. There were many sleepless night in that house after that occurrence.

As adults all us children would bring up that happening and explore the different things we experienced in that house. Like being alone in a room and all of the sudden something overcomes you with such a fright you have to run fast as you can to get away! Or the feeling of being watched. Even my father, years later, who is nothing but a hard nosed skeptic and realist commented on hearing voices and feeling something poke him in his ribs one night while down there in the basement.

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