Children and Makeshift Ouija Boards

I was about nine when I decided to use my first Ouija board with some school friends at a local Boys and Girls Club.

Us kids kept getting shoved around by the adults and older kids/teens, so I decided to put the get together in a closet in the gymnasium. I drew a circle on the floor, gathered my friends in it (all the while telling them not to break the circle), and made a makeshift ouija board on the floor. The kids had placed flashlights in an upright position while I placed some candles around the area.

We were all ready for the game to begin. I told everyone to concentrate, and give me their total attention along with their fingers on the planchette. I then proceeded to call out "If there are any spirits, please make yourself known."

Well, wouldn't you believe it! Not only did the planchette move to "yes", but the air grew cold as if we were all in a freezer. The scariest thing though was that within minutes of my calling out to the spirits, every single light went off at the same time. Everyone broke the circle after that, and ran screaming from the closet like it was on fire!

Everyone of us for the next two weeks had continuous nightmares, but all in all it was an experience that stayed with me for a long time.

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