Caity's Ouija Board Scare

My friends decided to play the Ouija board (weejee), me and my other friend were too scared to play so we sat on the laptop.

So my friends asked 'is anyone there?' and it moved to 'yes'. this was about the fourth time they had done it so they weren't as scared. So they asked another question, but I forget what it said but it spelled out D-E-A-T-H. They were a bit scared but kept going. Then they said, 'what do you want to do?' and it spelled K-I-L-L, so they asked 'who?' and it spelled 'P-E-O-P-L-E' they asked 'who you use a letter of there name?' and it said J.

My friends last name has a silent J in it, but she didn't think it was her. So for the past week she has gotten random bite marks on her neck and there is something coming out of her belly button. We all think a demon is in her.

Now search 'the curse of the crying boy' in Google and read the story, because if you know what it would do it will burn your house down. So my friends house that we were at had that picture of the little boy, and when they were doing it the candle started to get really really high and my friends was crying. The candle started flickering a lot when I went to go over to tell them to stop. When I sat down it wouldn't let me go so they had to ask it if I could leave. They stopped playing at exactly 11:11pm.

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